About us

ICONTEX, s.r.o. is a supplier of composite materials.

Our specialisations are:

  • bleeders
  • glass fabrics
  • peel plies
  • bagging films and perforated release films


We have extensive experience in the application of our products across the range of aircraft, marine, automotive, wind energy and sport industries.

Our mission

To deliver high value products at competitive prices around Europe.


We pride ourselves on a speedy, reliable delivery and service to all areas of Europe.


Through thorough testing of our products in state of the art laboratories we can guarantee the high quality and reliability of our products.


4.9.2015Sealant Tapes
Icontex launches a new product: Vacuum Bag Sealant Tape. The product powerfully seals vacuum bags from various substances.

3.4.2012Nylon Foils
We offer nylon foils, widths range from 0.78m up to 1,00 m out of nylon 6. thickness 0,02 - 0,04 mm.

18.7.2011New website
We have redesigned our website and created a new website with new original graphics.